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Young Dance Students


Cassie Ruiz,

My daughter has been taking dance lessons with Rachel for nearly two years. Rachel is a professional dancer who also has a passion for teaching. She is an ideal dance teacher: kind, clear, well planned. She is responsive to my daughter’s abilities and has brought out the best in her. 


Rachel makes the most of each class. She is prompt, has a clear plan, and is also flexible when needed. She’s fully committed to conveying the necessary skills and encouraging dancers of all levels. She incorporates the students interests and music choices into the dance sessions which is something my daughter especially enjoys.


In the studio or in virtual sessions, Rachel is a truly top-notch teacher who conveys the utmost grace and professionalism to her students.

My daughter dreams of being a dancer. I am grateful that she is able to pursue that dream with Rachel!


Amazing!!! My son looks forward to his class with joy. The classes are timely, fun, child led, engaging and enthusiastic. Rachel has been excellent at getting my son to put the tablet down and dance like a pro every week, we actually increase to two sessions a week because my son would want to dance with Rachel again. Simply love it!


Rachel has been amazing with my son Michael. She demonstrates knowledge, dedication and patience for her craft. She is punctual and professional. She is also friendly, kind, and adaptive. As my son is on the spectrum, she has shown an aptitude to learn to teach him considering his unique learning skills. My son is always happy to see her and has routinely surprised me with new skills he has learned with Rachel. Amazing job Rachel!

Idil Cakim,

Our experience is very positive. Our son has so much fun during Rachel's class. She lets him free but engages him consistently through what he likes and gently shows him new movements and dancing with a partner. He's always elated for her visits.

Tracy O,


My daughter has enjoyed dancing with Rachel for several years. Movement is regulating for her and favorite songs are motivating!! Learning and mastering new dance steps have brought smiles and confidence. Rachel is a kind, patient, and calming dance teacher. 

Bibi Khan,


Rachel has been wonderful with teaching my daughter to dance. She is always patient and encouraging my daughter which I truly appreciate. Working with a special needs child is not easy but I feel my daughter is in good hands with Rachel.

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