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Dance and yoga both have a myriad of physical and neurological benefits. Below is a compilation of some research that has helped us to develop our teaching methods.  

Learn more about WHY dance and yoga can enrich your child's life

 We can all strengthen our brains, and bodies, and improve our emotional wellness through movement-based activities like dance and yoga. 

The role of play in Neuroplasticity.

This podcast discusses how important play is for the brain to remain malleable (neuroplastic) and learn new actions and behaviors over time. It turns out that dance is one amazing way to improve neuroplasticity because of how fully it integrates multiple regions of the brain. HERE is the podcast! Have a listen.

Benefits of dance

In THIS video, a neurologist explains some ways that dance benefits the brain. She touches on three main topics. 1) It organizes and strengthens neural connections. 2) Reverses brain aging (helps to treat Parkinsons and prevent Alzheimers. 3) Improves empathy and emotional intelligence. 

THIS video shows some footage from dance exploration at the University of Delaware. We use some similar techniques in exploring movement.   

Benefits of yoga

In THIS article, you can read about the neurological benefits of yoga. 

HERE you can watch a video about the advantages of yoga.

More on Yoga

In THIS and THIS artical you can learn about different types of yoga.

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