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To empower all people to embrace their bodies, sense their inherent value, and cultivate joy through creativity. 


At Unite Through Dance, every student has different preferences, communication styles, and physical strengths. Students flourish when a teacher understands and responds to their unique needs. We view each student as a whole person whom we collaborate with in order to get the most out of our lessons together. Dance, Art, and Yoga lessons are a creative process in which we examine different elements of, creative expression through art, music, and movement and focus on playful exploration!



At Unite Through Dance, we have been teaching students of all ages and all abilities to find the joy of movement through dance, yoga, and creative expression. We specialize in group classes and private dance, yoga, and art lessons and strongly believe in the intrinsic value of each individual. Dance, yoga, visual art, and creative movement are joyful ways to connect to music, our bodies, and each other. In addition, dance, and yoga are powerful tools that can aid in physical gains such as improved coordination, balance, mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance, but even more exciting are improved emotional intelligence, the ability to read and mirror body language and greater neuroplasticity! 

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Group classes are a fun way to help develop social skills while building musicality, physicality, and coordination. Group classes can be scheduled with a group of friends or you can inquire about available classes. 


One-on-one dance, yoga, art, and acting classes are a great way to get personalized instruction to aid in developing greater coordination, gaining greater physical and emotional health, and exploring joyful self-expression. 


Young Dancers


Classes focus on cultivating self-expression through dance by playing games that explore dynamics and rhythm, by learning how to move safely and skillfully, and by encouraging a free flow of movement with music. 

Boy in Art Class


Teachers and students work together to choose fun art-based activities.  We aim for our students to feel safe, confident, and supported while exploring artistic mediums such as drawing, painting, and mixed-media projects they are passionate about.

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Classes focus on improving flexibility and strength while honing the ability to regulate emotion and connect to the breath. Teachers and students work together to make lessons fun and engaging while still remaining a grounding and centering process. 


At Unite Through Dance, we are dedicated to providing our students with lessons that fit seamlessly into their lives and align with their goals. Some students want to focus more on exercise and coordination while others want to develop their musicality and creativity. Whatever your goals may be, we will work together to help you get closer to them. Sometimes the best service for an individual is a group class with their friends, other times it is a one-on-one lesson at home. We will work with you to find the best plan for you and your family. 

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